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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.8
Buteo finally had Pidge alone, and he wasn't sure talk to her.
"So, Lady Pidge mind if I ask you a few questions about what life is like back on your home world?" Buteo asked.
"Sure" Pidge replied her eyes glued to the screen.
“What’s your favorite place on your planet like,” Buteo asked, thinking maybe there was something similar on Accipitridae he could show her.
Pidge paused for a moment. "I guess the house I grew up in" she replied there was a heavy feeling to the tone of her voice.
“I heard you mention that you were looking for your family,” Buteo commented, “Is there anything I can do to help?”
"... My father and brother are most likely in galra slave camps or science facilities, so if any of your people come across two people that look like me that would be a lot of help" Pidge admitted pausing in her work, wishing she could do more to find them.
“What are their names? That might make it easier,” Buteo said, thinking it would
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.7
Pidge quickly worked on Shiro's arm testing the small hidden wires inside his arm to make sure nothing was loose or damaged "Sorry, this is probably really boring for you," Pidge said glancing up at Shiro when she snapped out of her latest zone.
“I don’t mind, I like spending time with you,” Shiro said smiling.
‘Better than her being near that prince.’
Shiro jolted at the sound of the voice again, looking at Pidge for any sign that she may have heard it too.
"Sorry, did I do something?" Pidge asked, pausing in her work, feeling Shiro jump a little, looking up at him curiously and worried.
'Eyes like hers should be only looking at us' the voice echoed in his head.
“N…no, I’m fine,” Shiro lied, wondering why he was feeling this way and thinking such things. He had no right to act like Pidge belonged to him.
"You don't look fine," Pidge said, an idea coming to her mind as she stood up gently touching his forehead with the back of her h
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.6
Everyone was surprised when Shiro suddenly ran out of the dining room, wondering what got into him.
“Maybe something he ate made him sick,” Lance guessed, continuing to eat but looked worried.
“I’m going to go check on him,” Keith said standing up, going to look for Shiro. He wasn’t sure where Shiro had gone, so it took him a while to find him outside, holding his arm, “There you are, what’s wrong?”
“I…I don’t know,” the black paladin confessed looking down, “My arm just started acting up and I panicked.”
“Should we have Pidge look at it,” Keith asked, figuring if anyone could find out what was wrong it was her.
Shiro was silent, not sure if he wanted to talk to Pidge about it since he wasn’t sure if being around her was a good idea now. He was worried about that voice. Where could it have come from? Could it have something to do with the injury he got from Haggar? The wound heal
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.5
Pidge tried to sneak to her room once she got back inside the castle, but was caught by Allura who looked excited. "Pidge! How did it go?!"
"Umm..fine, I guess," Pidge shrugged, "I got to see the inside of one of their ships and saw some robots, which were pretty strong despite having a small frame."
"What about Prince Buteo," Allura pressed.
"I don't know, I couldn't tell if he was having fun or not," Pidge told her. "He's probably use to seeing all that stuff."
Allura couldn't help but feel disappointed even through she knew Buteo wouldn't do anything.
"By the way, is it true the ore they mine here was used for the metal to make Voltron," Pidge questioned, remembering what Buteo told her.
"I believe it was used for the exoskeleton's for the lions," Allura informed Pidge, "Their metal is some of the strongest in the universe."
"Pidge, you're back," Lance acknowledged walking up to them, "How was your date?"
The green paladin blushed, "It wasn't a date, he just showed me around," she i
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Chaotic Bio: Riah by DiamondHeart31 Chaotic Bio: Riah :icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 2 0 Chaotic Bio: Juju by DiamondHeart31 Chaotic Bio: Juju :icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 3 0
Redfined Chaos Chapter 2
Major T, I can’t believe you got in a tie,” Peyton shouted when he saw Tom, running up to him.
“I can’t believe it either,” Tom said, “We’re going to have a rematch sometime, but I guess it isn’t going to count as a loss or win.”
“Still, it was a great match,” Sarah exclaimed, “It was so exciting to watch! That Youkai is a great player… I can’t believe he’s not more popular around Chaotic.” She pondered out loud.
“Probably because he never goes to his matches,” Kaz sneered, “He didn’t even give an excuse why he was late!”
“Or apologize,” Tom added folding his arms in irritation. Who did that guy think he was? He was going to show him a thing or two when they had their rematch.
“While we are speaking of awesome things, I got something to show you. Bam!” Peyton shouted, showing his friends the new battlegear he scanned, looking very proud o
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Chaotic Bio: Shiva by DiamondHeart31 Chaotic Bio: Shiva :icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 0 0 Gift for FireBird by DiamondHeart31
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.4
Once dinner was over it had gotten late, so Buteo insisted on walking Pidge back to the castle of lions, much to Shiro's annoyance, but kept his mouth shut.
"Um...thanks for walking me back," Pidge said, a little confused as to why, wondering if it was dangerous at night.
"It was no trouble at all," Buteo smiled handsomely, "Would you care to join me for breakfast in the morning before I show you around our labs and workshops?"
"Sure, I guess," Pidge replied a little unsurely. It was just breakfast, it didn't mean anything.
"Great! I'll pick you up in the morning," Buteo grinned, giving her a bow before flying up and back to the palace.
'Here it comes,' Pidge thought when she saw Hunk and Lance smiling.
"Looks like someone's got a boyfriend," Lance sang.
"And a prince too, aren't you lucky," Hunk teased.
"Guys, knock it off," Shiro ordered, not wanting to hear it.
"Oooh, this is so exciting," Allura squealed, "Come on Pidge, we better find something nice for you to wear tomorrow!"
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.3
Shiro's breath was taken away when he saw Pidge in the dress. She had a beautiful and innocent look about her. The blue suited her nicely, through he thought Allura would have picked out a green dress so they could all match their lions. He could tell she was a little uncomfortable in the dress, but he wanted to shower her freckled shoulders with kisses.
The black paladin quickly shook those thoughts away. He shouldn't be thinking about Pidge like that. It wasn't that that she was younger and the age difference wasn't that big, he just felt guilty. That was his commander's daughter and his friends sister. He told himself the feeling would go away in time. Sure, Katie was cute, smart, funny and his heart sped up whenever she smiled a him, whether it be one of her cute cocky smirks or happy grins.
Okay, thinking stuff like that was not helping.
He considered trying to avoid her for a while, but it was hard to do when they lived in the same castle, despite it's size. Shiro was also worrie
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.2
Pidge couldn't help but think Allura always wanted a younger sister or something, cause she was way too excited about getting her to play dress up. Pidge held back a groan when the princess pulled out at least a dozen dresses for her to try on. She was tempted to say she'd just wear what the boys were going to wear but Allura seemed so happy she couldn't bring herself to. Especially since it hasn't been too long since she had to destroy her father's A.I.
So she suffered through trying on all the dresses before finding one she was comfortable with.
It was a simple blue gown with butterfly sleeves that came off the shoulders and a golden trim. The dress was long, covering her feet so Pidge hoped she could get away with wearing her usual shoes. Pidge wasn't use to wearing dresses this long so she was a little worried she'd end up tripping and embarrassing herself. She was also worried about ruining the princesses dress. What if she got it dirty during dinner?
"You look lovely Pidge," Allu
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Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.1
"Are you sure this planet will be safe," Shiro asked Allura who pilot the castle ship.
"The kingdom of Accipitridae has always had a peaceful alliance with Altea," Coran spoke up, "...Of course that was ten thousand years ago, so who knows how much has changed. They could have been taken over by Galra Empire right after Altea fell."
"The Accipitridae are a warrior race, they wouldn't go down so easily," Allura defended. "It's the closet planet with intelligent life that will be willing to help us. If we are lucky we can ask the current king for help fighting Zarkon, if they're not already."
"Even if the planet isn't under the rule of the Galra Empire, would the treaty still stand," Lance asked.
"We'll just have to hope so," Allura said. As they approached the planet some ships came up to them.
"Give us your identification and business," a voice over the communicator ordered.
"I am Princess Allura of the kingdom of Altea, daughter of King Alfor," she spoke with authority, "I wish to spe
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Battle of the Nerds Reboot Chapter 2
Jack was freaking out, wishing he had a paper bag or something to breathe into. One moment he was talking to the monks and now he was surrounded by monsters. Jack backed away and shrieked when he bumped into someone. He was relieved to see it was a human girl around his age.
“Sorry,” the girl apologized, “I should have been watching where I was going. My name is Shiva, who are you?”
“Jack Spicer, evil boy genius,” Jack said offering his hand. He was surprised when she took his hand and shook it. Most people were put off by how he looked, but then again they were surrounded by aliens and monsters.
“Nice to meet you,” Shiva smiled, “I take it you have no idea where we are or why we're here.” Shiva looked around, “But I guess the same goes for everyone here since they all look tense and confused.”
“I...I'm kind of surprised you're not freaking out,” Jack said with a forced laugh. He flinched when a large r
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Sweater Weather by DiamondHeart31 Sweater Weather :icondiamondheart31:DiamondHeart31 4 1
Redefined Chaos Chapter 1
It was as normal of a day as it could get in Chaotic. Everyone was watching or in a match, porting in and out, trading scans or just hanging out.
“So are you ready for your drome match this afternoon Tom,” Kaz asked his best friend.
“Yeah, but I would feel a little more prepared if I knew anything about the guy I’m battling,” Tom said. “The only thing I know is that his codename is Youkai.”
“This guy seems kind of creepy to me,” Peyton said taking a bite of his burger,” I mean I think this guy has been around for a while but no one seems to know who this Youkai is.”
“Well since this player is such a mystery you better have a good game plan Tom,” Sarah, the only reasonable one of the group said.
“Don’t worry Sarah. I’m sure my boy Tom has it covered,” Peyton said.
“Peyton’s right,” Tom said now looking determined, “It doesn’t matter who this guy is because
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Buteo finally had Pidge alone, and he wasn't sure talk to her.
"So, Lady Pidge mind if I ask you a few questions about what life is like back on your home world?" Buteo asked.
"Sure" Pidge replied her eyes glued to the screen.
“What’s your favorite place on your planet like,” Buteo asked, thinking maybe there was something similar on Accipitridae he could show her.
Pidge paused for a moment. "I guess the house I grew up in" she replied there was a heavy feeling to the tone of her voice.
“I heard you mention that you were looking for your family,” Buteo commented, “Is there anything I can do to help?”
"... My father and brother are most likely in galra slave camps or science facilities, so if any of your people come across two people that look like me that would be a lot of help" Pidge admitted pausing in her work, wishing she could do more to find them.
“What are their names? That might make it easier,” Buteo said, thinking it would be best to ask for names instead of looking through all the slaves.

"My brother’s name is Matt, and my father's name is Samuel" Pidge explained, her shoulders looking tense, thinking about her family.

“If they are anything like you, I am sure they are surviving,” Buteo assured, putting a hand on her shoulder. He hoped they could help find her family, he may need her father’s permission before courting her.

"Thanks Buteo" Pidge said giving him a small smile, praying he was right.
Buteo made a mental note to make sure that he told soldiers to look for Earthlings called Samuel and Matt.
Shiro was surrounded by darkness. He ran around looking for anyone, only to bump into himself in his slave clothes, eyes glowing yellow.

The copy turned around his eyes glowing a deep amber, grabbing Shiro by the collar and lifting him off the ground "You’re too damn weak" He growled at Shiro.

“Kuro,” Shiro growled back, easily recognizing his voice. He punched his copy to free himself, backing away but keeping his guard up, “And what is it that makes me weak?”

Kuro easily shaking off the punch "Oh, besides letting some prince hit on our Katie" Kuro growled, "You're constantly scared of me, when I'm the only reason you lived this long!"

“First of all, Katie doesn’t belong to us,” Shiro argued, “And I’m not scared of you, I’m scared of becoming you.”
"And why’s that? Because I get the job done and go after what I want," Kuro sneered.
“Because you don’t think! You only think about what you want,” Shiro shouted, “We’re the leader of Voltron, our choices effect the whole team.”

"Affecting the team hah! You're more scared about the team finding out what kind of person you were back in the arena, about losing their respect, their fragile trust in you."

“And what do you think Katie will think if she’s known what I’ve done,” Shiro snapped, “She’d never look at me the same way again.”

"She's hacking through galra files all the time, you think it would be so much better for her to stumble upon it on her own then hearing it from you? it would be way worst then they time she learned we attacked her brother." Kuro replied.

“She would understand why I wouldn’t want to talk about it,” Shiro said, “And I doubt the galra keep files on gladiator matches.”

"That’s a pretty big risk you're taking... at least for you," Kuro said dryly.

“Don’t act like you know Katie,” Shiro growled out, but was worried he was right.

"I should say the same to you" Kuro replied.

“Which is why I can’t tell her anything,” Shiro said. They haven’t had time to talk much lately.

"Almost sounds like you’re giving up on wanting her" Kuro huffed in disgust.

“We should wait until Zarkon is defeated,” Shiro said, thinking they shouldn’t have any distractions.

Kuro just laughed "it's almost pathetic how much you’re trying to avoid your own feelings"
“And what do you care if I am,” Shiro snapped, not wanting to talk about this.

Kuro grabbed Shiro by the collar "Because I want Katie to be a permanent part of my life" Kuro growled at him.

“You’re crazy if you think I’m letting be anywhere near her, I’m staying in control,” Shiro told him. He would protect her.

"We'll see how long that last," Kuro smirked.

“What makes you so sure you can beat me,” Shiro asked, eyes narrowing.

"Because right now you can barely keep me contained," Kuro mocked.

“I’ll work harder to keep you under control,” Shiro promised, he couldn’t risk him taking over and hurting Buteo or Pidge.

"good luck" Kuro chuckled.

Shiro glared, “Let’s say you did take control. What makes you think Katie would even want you?”

"Wow, your denser than I thought," Kuro chucked "You really never seen the way she side glances at us or how her cheeks flare up when she watches us train?"

Shiro honestly hadn’t, but figured part of him did if Kuro knew, “That doesn’t mean she’d like you,” he reminded.

“So you say, but who knows how horny Katie might be," he smirked "I'm sure she could use some time to destress.”

“She’ll be scared if I show up suddenly with yellow eyes,” he reminded, blushing at the thought of Katie like that.

"Guess I will have to introduce myself first," Kuro admitted.

“And you don’t think she’ll be freaked out,” Shiro questioned, trying to convince him not to bother her.

"Katie's adaptable," Kuro replied not being deterred at all.

Shiro knew that was true, but still didn’t think she’d go for it, “I’ll make a move once we defeat Zarkon.”

"And risk Katie getting snatch up by someone else," he questioned with a huff "Not going to happen.”

“What will you do if you do manage to take control,” Shiro asked, wondering what he had to worry about.

"Kiss Katie as soon as I can and tell her all the things your hiding," Kuro replied a little surprised by the questioned.

Shiro was silent. Would it be so bad if he let Kuro take control? But what if Katie didn’t feel the same way? What if he scared her away?

"Don't worry, I won't force her into anything she doesn't like, I'm not that much of a monster," Kuro replied reading his thoughts.

“But you admit you’re a monster,” Shiro replied dryly. He was making it hard to want to let him take control. He could hurt Katie by accident like he did before.

"Like you’re an exception, it's better to be a monster then dead," Kuro growled.

Shiro knew what he did as a gladiator he did for survival, but he knew it wasn’t right. He couldn’t remember much of his time as the champion, did he really kill people?

"I doubt you want to really know the answer to that" Kuro said dryly answering the mental question.

Shiro tensed at that. He knew he killed Galra when he destroyed their ships and fleets. But what if he killed people who were just prisoners like he was? It made him think of the Galra. Did any of them have families?

“It's dangerous to think like that during war," Kuro casually warned.

He knew Kuro was right. The Galra have taken so much from him. But he also knew that not all Galra were evil. Ulaz freed him and even risked his life to save him and his teammates.

"You hesitate in a real fight you will die" Kuro growled.

“I know that,” Shiro snapped, not wanting to hear it. He knew he couldn’t show mercy during a battle against the Galra.

Pidge got back to the ship hesitantly knocking on Shiro's door wondering if he was asleep but felt the need to check up on him feeling worried about Shiro.

Shiro was tossing and turning in his sleep as he mentally conversed with Kuro.

Pidge could hear groaning like Shiro was in pain "Shiro are you alright?" she called through the door, but when she didn't get an answer she hacked the door forcing it to open for her. Her worry rising as she saw Shiro tossing and turning in his sleep Pidge rushing to his side gently shaking him "Shiro wake up it's alright," she said thinking she was having a nightmare about his gladiator days.

The dark world faded around Shiro as he found himself in his room, staring up at a worried looking Pidge, “Katie, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” He could practically feel Kuro screaming in the back of his mind to take advantage of the fact they were alone and in a bedroom.

"What? Oh no nothing happened," Pidge assured jumping a little as Shiro bolted up from his sleep "You just sounded like you were in pain, so I woke you up," she explained blushing a little hoping she wasn't going into too much trouble for hacking into his room.

“Oh…Thank you,” Shiro said a little embarrassed, glad she woke him up cause he was kind of tired to talking Kuro. But he thought about what he said about Katie. Should he make a move? He looked up at her, sitting up a bit so he could look her in the eyes.

Pidge felt her cheeks heat up as her eyes met Shiro’s, blinking a few times before she realized she was staring and quickly glanced, at his mental arm instead, trying to force her blush away. "H-how is your arm feeling, Takashi?" she asked.

“It’s…hard to say,” Shiro said staring down at his arm. If Kuro could control it who knows how and when he’d use it. At least he knew he wouldn’t hurt Katie, but what about the rest of the team?
"Was it bothering you while sleeping," she asked, her eyes scanning over the arm.

“…I guess you could say that,” Shiro commented, thinking about Kuro. He didn’t sleep well cause he kept pushing him to make a move on Pidge.

Pidge glanced up at him frowning a little "You look more tired than you did before", Pidge commented, feeling like if Shiro couldn't sleep or relax it could be really bad for his health.

“I still feel tired,” Shiro sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, “Hear anything out of the others lately?”

"no not lately, after transferring the information I got from the scan, I came straight here to check up on you" Pidge replied.

“I guess I haven’t been out long,” Shiro yawned. He had an idea about what might help him sleep better, but was hesitate to ask.

"I'm sure they’re all right, I know Keith’s in the training room, and Buteo was going to go check up on the others when he dropped me off. So I'm sure Hunks checking out food or gear and Allura trying to talk while Lance is hitting on some poor girl," Pidge assured.

“I guess Allura wants to play diplomat while we’re here,” Shiro sighed, through knew it was a good idea. Voltron was powerful, but there was only so much they could do against the numbers the Galra have. “Are you up to anything?”

"Not really, just waiting while the computer is running multiple diagnostics on the different scans I have" Pidge explained then seeing Shiro questioning look she added "You know, to see if there’s something I'm missing."

Shiro nodded, opening his mouth to say something then quickly closing it again. He couldn’t say it.

"I take it your still tired" Pidge said standing up thinking Shiro was trying to hide a yawn, "I'll leave you to get some rest" Pidge said taking a step forward to leave when Shiro's mental arm quickly but gently grabbed her wrist. "Shiro?" Pidge questioned wondering if he was all right.

Blushing, Shiro pulled his hand away, “Would you mind staying with me a while,” he asked, thinking having her near might help, too shy to ask her to sleep in bed with him.

Pidge gave Shiro a gentle smile, she understood what it was like not wanting to be alone after a bad nightmare "Not at all" Pidge said taking a seat on the corning of Shiro's bed.

Giving Pidge a smile in return, Shiro laid back down, his metal hand moving and setting itself on top of Pidge’s.

Pidge turned her hand and gently grabbed Shiro's metal one, hoping it would bring him a little comfort.

Shiro could feel that Kuro felt content, so he took the chance to get some sleep, hoping he wouldn’t be bothered this time.

Pidge figured this was as good of time as any to take a nap letting herself drift to sleep leaning her back against the wall as she held onto Shiro's hand.
Pidge quickly worked on Shiro's arm testing the small hidden wires inside his arm to make sure nothing was loose or damaged "Sorry, this is probably really boring for you," Pidge said glancing up at Shiro when she snapped out of her latest zone.
“I don’t mind, I like spending time with you,” Shiro said smiling.
‘Better than her being near that prince.’
Shiro jolted at the sound of the voice again, looking at Pidge for any sign that she may have heard it too.
"Sorry, did I do something?" Pidge asked, pausing in her work, feeling Shiro jump a little, looking up at him curiously and worried.
'Eyes like hers should be only looking at us' the voice echoed in his head.
“N…no, I’m fine,” Shiro lied, wondering why he was feeling this way and thinking such things. He had no right to act like Pidge belonged to him.
"You don't look fine," Pidge said, an idea coming to her mind as she stood up gently touching his forehead with the back of her hand wondering if he had a fever thinking an illness could explain some of the strangeness with his arm. "Nope, no fever, has your pulse been irregular lately?" Pidge asked.
‘We can show her something that’s pulsing.’
Shiro blushed when he realized what the voice was telling him. He knew the voice wasn’t him because he wasn’t a pervert.
"Shiro, talk to me, anything you’re going through might help me figure out what's wrong with your arm" she said putting a hand on his shoulder trying to get his attention.
‘Maybe I should take control and tell her.’
“No,” Shiro shouted standing up, not wanting him anywhere near Pidge or in control of his body.
Pidge jumped back, startled by Shiro's sudden shouting "Shiro, calm down... please just tell me what's wrong" Pidge asked stepping around the table to get closer to Shiro.
“Sorry, I…I wasn’t talking to you,” Shiro groaned, covering his eyes with his hand, “Oh god, I sound crazy.” Maybe he was crazy, he was hearing voices after all…
"...Was it your loins voice?" Pidge asked curiously, Shiro was the only one so far not to really hear their Loins voice before, and wondered if that was it.
“Maybe I should go to Black,” Shiro muttered, thinking maybe they could help figure out what was going on with him.
"I'll come with you" Pidge offered.
Shiro wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but nodded, wanting her to be with him.
Pidge fallowing Shiro into Black loin, wondering what had Shiro freaked out, since it seems to be about more than just his arm.
Shiro wondered if it was possible that his arm was reacting to his negative emotions, but he wasn’t exactly sure what he was feeling.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" Pidge asked staying close to him, worried about him and his wellbeing, not showing any fear for his strange behavior.
“I’m not sure what you can do,” Shiro told her with a sigh, “Do you think it’s possible that my emotions can affect it? I mean, the only time I use it is when there’s danger.”
"Hmm well if you were stressed or dealing with conflicting emotions it's possible that it could affect your arm" Pidge agreed.
“So, there might not be anything that you can do,” Shiro said, thinking he should find a way to fix himself instead.
"I can still help," Pidge assured "Even if it's not something tech related if your stressed about something or somethings bothering you I want to help, you’ve already done the same for me plenty of times," Pidge said thinking about all the times she was close to breaking down about her family and Shiro was there to comfort her.
'A few rounds between the sheets with Katie would be a great stress reliever' the voice agreed in Shiro head.
Shiro tried to ignore him, even as the images of it flashed in his head, making him blush, “I guess that could work.”
Pidge smiled and sat down on the floor of the black loins cockpit smiling up at him "Okay so sit down and tell me what's been stressing you" Pidge said.
He almost let out a laugh at that. He was captured by aliens and was now fighting them in giant robot lions. He lost his arm, was lusting after his commander’s daughter, and was now starting to hear voices. Where did he even start?
Pidge then hesitated, realizing the weight of the question "Sorry, I guess I should say what been a stressing you most recently?"
“I guess now, being stuck on his planet,” Shiro told her, “I don’t like staying one place for two long when the Galra empire is after us.”
Pidge figured that much "so when your arm acts up are you thinking about the galra catching up with us?" Pidge clarified,  
'Come on! Tell Katie we don't want her anywhere near that feathered brain prince' the voice snapped.
Shiro wanted to tell her to stay away from Buteo, but didn’t really have a reason, “I’m also not sure how much I trust Buteo,” he said, “We’ve been betrayed before so I want us to be careful.”
"I can see why you feel that way but I really don't think Buteo that kind of person" pidge assured "Though I can't make any promises about the civilians" she admitted.
“It’s better not to take the risk of being betrayed or having anyone be hurt because of it,” Shiro said, “We should focus on fixing the ship right now.”
"I know your right" Pidge sighed, wishing she had more time to look at their tech, "but I still want to use their scans to look at your arm before we go just encase this isn't stress related" Pidge replied.
Shiro inwardly cursed, or maybe his voice cursed, “Fine, but we should check to see what we can do to fix the castle of lions.”
"I'm pretty sure Buteo's people have that covered, but I guess there's no harm checking up on their progress" Pidge agreed.
Coran was watching over them to make sure things ran smoothly and to make sure that no one tries anything, but he could need help.
Pidge stood up "Well let’s go see how things are going, and then after we can talk to Buteo about using their tech" Pidge said offering Shiro her hand "You’re not getting out of being examined by doctor Pidge" she teased.
'I rather play doctor in the bedroom' the voice muttered.
Shiro blushed, wondering why the voice was such a pervert, mentally scolding it, not wanting to think of Pidge that way.
“Did I say something wrong?" Pidge asked seeing Shiro face heat up.
“No, you didn’t do anything,” Shiro assured her, mentally telling the voice to stop talking.
Pidge looked curiously down at him hoping for an answer, wondering if it wasn't her then what made his face heat up.
Shiro wasn’t sure how to answer without making it seem like he was crazy.
Pidge softly sighed, wondering if Shiro would be more comfortable talking to Keith "it’s all right, you don't have to tell me" pidge assured rubbing the back of her neck.
“Thanks Katie,” Shiro said, only comfortable calling her that when they were alone. He wasn’t sure if anyone else knew her real name, and felt like it was something special between them.
Pidge smiled back but paused for a moment "Why do you do that?" she asked curiously, "Why do you always call me Katie when it's just us, I don't mind being called pidge" Pidge said, not really understanding why he did that not that she minded but her curiosity was getting the better of her.
“Do you not like it when I call you Katie,” Shiro asked, trying to avoid the question.
"No, not at all" Pidge assured "I was curious and I guess it feels a little strange hearing my real name sometimes," Pidge explained.
“Do you not like being reminded of home,” Shiro asked, “Or are you worried the others will treat you different if you use your real name?”
"No, it’s not that, it's just that I've spent so long trying to hide who I am that hearing my real name..." Pidge hesitated for a long moment biting her lip "Have you ever felt like two different people?"
Shiro was silent for a moment, “Yeah, it does. Like when I get memories of who I was as a gladiator…it seems like an entirely different me.”
“In a lot of ways, it probably was, a different you, your mind created to survive that... horrible place" Pidge said putting a hand on his shoulder, she didn't mean for him to make that comparison, or think about that place, now talking about her own feelings of feeling like two different people seem so small in comparing to what Shiro went through.
Shiro didn’t want her to know that he was having serious problems with himself, and was worried there really was another him that existed. But back at the matter at hand. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. What were you saying?”
"Oh, umm well, the day I cut my hair to join the garrison and find the truth... I promised myself I wouldn't be Katie again till I found my father and brother. So now it just feels like the me... that was Katie feels so far away now, like it was another lifetime ago or something" Pidge said then sighed "Sorry I'm not explaining this well am I?"
“No, I understand,” Shiro told her, “Sometimes I feel like there’s a difference between Shiro and Takashi Shirogane. People I’m close to and consider friends I’m Shiro. But Takashi is a more solemn person around superiors, especially when I became a poster boy for the Garrison. I always did my best to act perfect.”
"Sounds like that was a lot of pressure" Pidge said looking over at Shiro, an idea forming in her mind.
“It was,” Shiro said, “I was really glad that your father was so laid back. We became friends in no time.” He let out a laugh, “We once had an entire conversation about the frozen peas we ate in space.”
"Never had those before" Pidge admitted smiling a little getting to hear about her father "My dad always said he really liked those"
“You don’t want to,” Shiro laughed, “They always reminded me of baby food but your dad couldn’t get enough of them.”
"That doesn't surprise me he always like foods with strange textures" Pidge jokingly sighed, her mind still partly working on the idea that began to bloom a moment ago "Hey Shiro when we’re alone would you mind me calling you Takashi?" Pidge asked.
Shiro’s eyes widened, surprised by the request. Few people called him by his first name, and hearing it from Pidge seemed intimate. “Sure, I don’t mind,” Shiro told her, blushing a little.
"Great" Pidge smiled "I just figured both of us using our first names might be a nice way to get used to our old names being a part of our new life" Pidge explained blushing a little hoping it didn't sound too stupid.
“I’d like that a lot,” Shiro smiled, trying not to frown when the voice told him he’d rather hear Pidge screaming his name.
Pidge smiled glad that in some small way maybe she could help Shiro feel better "Well Takashi, let’s go check up on how the repairs on the ship are going then I can check up on your arm" she smiled.
“Sounds great Katie,” he grinned, grabbing her hand without thinking and gently leading her to the castle of lions.
Pidge blushed as Shiro lead her out of the black loin and towards where the repairs were being done, glancing down at his metal hand holding hers, a little surprised how warm in felt, pidge shyly wrapping her fingers around his hand not wanting Shiro to think she was wary of his mental hand or at least that what she was telling herself.
Shiro smiled to himself when he felt Pidge wrap her hand around his. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze, feeling calm and relaxed while with her. They arrived at the ship where everyone seemed to be hard at work trying to fix it.
Pidge let go of Shiro's hand to get a closer look at what they were doing.
Shiro was tempted to grab her hand again, but decided to just let her look over their work.
‘I can’t believe you’re too nervous to grab her hand when I know what you dream about doing to her,’ the voice mocked.
Shiro mentally told the voice to shut up, feeling that Pidge didn't see him in that way, and felt guilty for thinking about her like that to begin with.
He was glad Pidge was busy focusing on the machines and robots to notice his inner battle. He wondered why he only started hearing the voice now, was there something on this planet affecting him?
Buteo then entered the room with the other paladins, "Ah Lady Pidge, I figured I might find you here" Buteo said protectively draping a wing around her blocking Shiro's view of Pidge, "I hope everything is all right now" he said with a charming smile that made even pidge blush a little.
"Not quite" Pidge admitted "I was hoping to use your scanners to double check a few things on Shiro's arm" Pidge requested.
“Of course, I’ll do whatever I can to help you,” Buteo smiled.
Shiro found himself glaring at the prince, wondering who he thought he was. What right did he have to stand so close to Pidge.
"Thanks, Buteo I really appreciate it" Pidge smiled, thankful for his kindness "mind showing Shiro and me where the scanners we can use are?" Pidge asked.
“Of course, follow me,” Buteo said, putting his hand on the small of Pidge’s back as he led her to a lab.
Shiro growled when he saw that, his hand acting up again.
Keith coming up to Shiro's other side gently putting a hand on his shoulder "I'll come with you guys " he said still not trusting Buteo thinking that's why Shiro always got tense around him.
Shiro was glad that came too, hoping he could help keep him calm, his arm powering down. He had to find a way to get rid of the voice, feeling like it was taking control of his arm.
Keith staying close to Shiro as they were lead to what looked like a tech lab of some kind.
"Feel free to use what every you need" Buteo offered.
Pidge lighting up as she looked at all the tech, looking a lot like a kid in a candy store.
Despite his mistrust of Buteo, Shiro smiled at how happy Pidge was. She really seemed to be in her element.
‘Think she’d ever look at us like that,’ the voice questioned.
Shiro wasn't sure, he wasn't even sure how pidge saw him, if he was a big brother figure to her like Keith saw him or something like that... now that he thought about it he wouldn't be able to tell one way or another, as he's never seen Pidge show great interest in anything or anyone besides tech and robots.
‘Let’s hope her interests don’t turn to the feathered prince,” the voice sneered in distaste, looking through Shiro’s eyes as Buteo stared at Pidge like he had hearts in his eyes.
Shiro tried not to worry about that. Pidge’s only interests were robots, finding her family and fighting Zarkon. None of them really had time for a relationship when the universe was at state.
'Is that your excuse for not going after Katie, that’s pretty pathetic' the voice sneered, ‘You should really let me take control when were alone with her and let me tell her the truth.’
Shiro knew there was no way in hell he was letting that happen. He’d have no idea what he’d do to Pidge and he didn’t want to hurt her in any way. Who knows what…Kuro, would do to Pidge.
‘So, you decided to give me a name, how kind of you,’ Kuro replied, reading his thoughts, ‘Now I have something for Katie to scream when I take control~’
"Shiro are you all right?" Pidge asked gently tugging on his flesh arm, both Pidge and Keith looking worried at him, seemly like they had been saying his name for a while now with no response.
Shiro blinked in surprised, blushing a bit when he realized what happened. “Sorry guys, I…I must have spaced out,” he told them, which he guessed he kind of did with his conversation with Kuro.
"Okay..." Pidge said, Keith and her sharing a concerned look. "Can you sit over by that table, while I get the scanner ready?" Pidge asked.
“No problem,” Shiro said sitting down, putting his arm on the table so Pidge could get a better look at it. He tried to keep his mind clear, hoping Kuro wouldn’t bother him again.
"Okay, try to hold still so it can give me the clearest reading" Pidge said slowly hovering the scanner down over his metal arm, Keith staying near Shiro while Buteo stayed close to Pidge.
Shiro tried to keep his mind calm, telling himself that Pidge didn’t care Buteo was next to her. Through that didn’t stop him from being tempted to ask Keith to stand between them.
"Anything I can help with?" Buteo asked, gently putting his hand on her back,

"I'm all right for now thanks" Pidge replied not taking her eyes off the scanner.
While Shiro was annoyed Buteo was touching Pidge, he was glad she was focused on helping him. She didn’t even seem aware that the prince was touching her.
Her eyes and mind only focused on helping Shiro now.
Shiro wished he could tell what he thought was wrong, namely Kuro, but she would think he was crazy and everyone would try fixing him or think he wasn’t fit to lead.
"You're tensing" pidge informed Shiro calmly.
“Sorry,” Shiro said, doing his best to relax and clear his mind.
"It's all right," she assured gently rubbing his arm with her free hand her eyes still glued to the camera screen.
Shiro tried to think of things that made him happy to keep him calm. His friendship with Keith, his relationship with Sam and Matt Holt. He wondered what they’d think of him dating Katie.
Would they be happy and supportive with their friend and comrade dating someone so important to them or be angry thinking he betrayed them for dating her?
There was the age difference to worry about, through Katie was smart enough to make her own choices. She could be immature at times, but all of them could.
"Alright you can move now" Pidge said putting the scanner off to the side as she reached for some tools that were just out of her reach, so Buteo grabbed them and handed to her.  "Thanks" Pidge said shyly before looking back at Shiro s arm, feeling a little embarrassed about how short she was.
Buteo didn’t mind Pidge’s height, thinking it made her look adorable. Through he was sometimes worried he might accidently hurt her, but she was a paladin of Voltron, she was strong.
Pidge stood up on her knees on the stool she was sitting on to examine the shoulder part of Shiro metal arm.
Buteo watched her work, fascinated on the way her eyes focused on the arm.
Though she looked a little off balance knee sitting on a stool like she was, Pidge leaning a little too far looking like she was about to fall, when Buteo caught her by the waist quickly steadily her before she could fall.
"Thanks" Pidge said glancing back at Buteo.
Shiro really wished he could just tell Buteo to stop touching Pidge, but he was just trying to help her. Through he didn’t have to hold her by the waist. Was he just being possessive?
"Owe" Pidge hissed the tool in her hand becoming burning hot when Shiro's arm started to glow.
“Pidge, I’m so sorry,” Shiro said once he realized what happened, powering down his arm again, “Do you need to put something on your hand?”
Kuro cursing in the back of Shiro's mind 'Shit, I didn't mean to hurt Katie.'
"I'll just need to run it under cooled water and put a cold press on it and I'll be FINE!" Pidge yelped the last part as Buteo picked her up in his arms,
"I'll take you to a nurse right away" Buteo said rushing her out of the room.
“Now look what you did,” Shiro muttered under his breath, not sure if he was blaming himself or Kuro. He had to be more careful around Pidge, he couldn’t risk hurting her or anyone.
"Come on, let’s fallow them, I don't trust the prince alone with Pidge." Keith said to Shiro.
Shiro nodded and got up, Kuro growling that the prince better not touch Katie, making his hand start up, “...Maybe I should stay here, just to be safe.”
Keith nodded "Alright I'll go check up on them and I'll be right back" Keith said leaving the room to go find Pidge worried about his friend trusting Shiro would be all right on his own for the time being.
Sighing, Shiro looked down at his arm. Why was he losing control like this? Or better yet, how was it Kuro could control his arm? He was glad that at least Kuro couldn’t take control of the rest of his body. Maybe it’s related to the Galra tech?
‘Don't underestimate me I can take control of a lot more than just your mechanical arm' Kuro replied hearing his thoughts.
‘I’m going to get rid of you,’ Shiro mentally growled, not wanting to deal with a voice in his head. ‘And I won’t let you take control.’
‘Good luck with that' Kuro replied sarcastically.
Great, his stuck with a voice in his head that had an attitude and was a pervert.
'Please you need me to get stuff done, you can't even tell Katie how you feel about her! To the point the feather head is moving in on her' Kuro growled.
‘It doesn’t matter,’ Shiro thought, “We’ll be leaving this planet soon then we won’t have to worry about Buteo flirting with Katie anymore.’
‘And what are you going to do if Katie has actually started to like the feather head and wants to come back and see him again' Kuro questioned
‘She’s too focused on trying to find her family,’ Shiro argued, knowing she’d only want to come back if there was a chance her family was here.
'And what if he does?' His people are at war with the galra. What if they free a slave camp that has her brother or father? We'll defiantly lose our chance with Katie if that happens' Kuro pointed out.
‘It would be a good thing if they found them,’ Shiro said, wanting his crewmates to be safe. He was worried about them too.
'You’re so weak, you're going to lose her if you don't get your ass in gear' Kuro huffed before falling silent.
Shiro sighed in relief, glad he was being quiet but thinking about what he said. Should he tell Pidge how he felt? Would it make things weird if she didn’t like him back?
Meanwhile with Pidge "Prince Buteo you really didn't need to take me to a nurse" Pidge assured as the nurse wrapped her hand with cooling bandages that were used to heal burns "The injury isn't that bad"
“Sorry, I suppose I did over react a bit,” Buteo admitted, having just been worried about her.
Keith kept eying him suspiciously, like he was waiting for him to do something. Why did Buteo want to be alone with Pidge so bad?
Buteo wishing it wasn't such a struggle to get Pidge alone for a few minutes, though he understood why the paladins would be so protective of each other they were in times of war after all.
Keith could tell Shiro didn’t want the prince around Pidge, so he was doing his best to keep distance between them, “How’s the hand doing Pidge?”
"Pretty good actually" Pidge relied "These bandages make my hand feel way better.”
“I’m glad it was nothing serious,” Buteo commented, through knew it probably wouldn’t be. But he couldn’t help but worry about Pidge.
Something about her made the prince want to protect her and make her smile.
He wondered if she had anyone special back on her planet. He wouldn’t be surprised if she did.
Though she really didn't, she only really cared about her mom, who was left behind.
Buteo wondered if he’d be out of place to ask if anyone was courting her or if she was interested in being courted.
"We better head back and check up on Shiro" Pidge suggested standing up.
They got back to the lab where Shiro seemed to be deep in thought, not noticing them walking in.
"Hey Shiro," Pidge said waving her good hand in front of his face to get his attention.
Shiro blinked in surprise, then smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, guess I spaced out."
"That doesn't really seem like you Shiro, " Keith commented.
Pidge put the back of her good hand against his forehead "hmm do you feel a little warm" Pidge said concerned "You might be coming down with something."
“Maybe I just need to lay down for a while,” Shiro suggested, not wanting to worry Pidge or his friends. He didn’t really feel sick, not sure why he was warm.
Pidge made up the excuse about Shiro feeling warm thinking he was just stressed but didn't want Keith or the prince to know. "Keith, could you take Shiro back to the ship, while I'll transfer over the data we collected."
“Sure thing,” Keith said, but was a little worried about leaving her alone with the prince. She didn’t have her bayard, how well could she fight without it? Not to mention there were others around who could assist the prince if he tried anything.
Pidge's eyes met Keith’s giving him a small nod assuring him she would be all right.
Keith still seemed unsure but helped Shiro to the castle of lions, “Is everything all right,” he asked Shiro, noticing he was being very quiet.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” Shiro answered softly, looking in front of him.
Keith frowned not believing him but didn't want to push things right now.
Pidge looking over the data she got from her scan downloading it to her own private files.
“Wake me up if something happens,” Shiro said going to his room. Maybe some sleep would help calm his mind.
He was wrong.
Everyone was surprised when Shiro suddenly ran out of the dining room, wondering what got into him.
“Maybe something he ate made him sick,” Lance guessed, continuing to eat but looked worried.
“I’m going to go check on him,” Keith said standing up, going to look for Shiro. He wasn’t sure where Shiro had gone, so it took him a while to find him outside, holding his arm, “There you are, what’s wrong?”
“I…I don’t know,” the black paladin confessed looking down, “My arm just started acting up and I panicked.”
“Should we have Pidge look at it,” Keith asked, figuring if anyone could find out what was wrong it was her.
Shiro was silent, not sure if he wanted to talk to Pidge about it since he wasn’t sure if being around her was a good idea now. He was worried about that voice. Where could it have come from? Could it have something to do with the injury he got from Haggar? The wound healed but it could have had some other effects on him.
“You don’t look so good,” Keith commented, putting a hand on his shoulder, “Do you need to lay down or something?”
“May…maybe,” Shiro breathed, not sure what he wanted to do.
Pidge was worried about Shiro suddenly running off like that, noticing a faint glow on his arm. Did he sense danger? No, the guards probably would have alerted Buteo if there was trouble. Not to mention Shiro would have said something if he did.
“Do you wish to go check on the black paladin Lady Pidge,” Buteo asked, noticing her staring in the direction her leader ran off to.
“Yeah, if that’s all right. I just want to check up on him and make sure his discomfort isn’t caused by his mechanical arm,” Pidge explained.
Buteo nodded in understanding, knowing she was the techy one of the group.

Keith and Shiro looked up when they heard footsteps, Shiro smiling a little when he saw it was Pidge. He even felt a little happy that she chose him over the prince but shouldn’t be thinking that.
"Everything okay?" Pidge asked walking up to Shiro side, her eyes scanning over his mental arm, seeing if there was any visual anomaly with Shiro's arm.
“Shiro said his arm acted up on its own,” Keith explained for his friend, “Think you can look at it?”
"That shouldn't be a problem,” Pidge nodded, thinking looking won't hurt, though if there was something wrong "I just need Shiro to sit down first" Pidge said not able to examine the arm properly with their height difference.
Shiro sat down on a fountain that was nearby, offering his arm to Pidge for her to look at. He was honestly more worried about what he had been feeling at the time than his arm.
Pidge gently grabbed Shiro's arm running her fingers over the smooth mental and indents in his arm to try and find anything out of the ordinary "Could you tell me what area the discomfort started?" Pidge asked calmly, going into techy mode.
“There’s no real discomfort, it just started glowing like it was ready to attack,” Shiro explained. He knew he couldn’t tell her about the voice without sounding crazy, “Maybe it has something to do with the injury I got from Haggar?”
"Maybe..."Pidge hummed "Something could have gotten into your blood stream that's effecting your arm?" Pidge guess turning his arm in her hands. "Either way I'm going to need some tools and maybe some scans if I want to figure this out." Pidge sighed not feeling or seeing anything off or damaged on his arm.
Shiro wondered if his arm could be triggered by his emotions. He remembered not liking Buteo talking to Pidge, or the way he smiled at her. “Should we head back to the castle,” Shiro asked, thinking they could be alone.
"Maybe, though we'll need permission from Allura first, she'll get serious angry if we just up and leave" Pidge said letting go of Shiro’s arm.
“True, should we just go back and finish breakfast first,” Shiro asked, through didn’t want Pidge near Buteo.
"If you can wait that would probably be best... I don't want to be rude to Buteo" Pidge explained
Shiro frowned a bit at that, but tried not to be upset. "...What do you think of Buteo?
Pidge was caught a little off guard, "Umm well he's nice, polite and..." Pidge blushed a little thinking handsome but worried about being made fun of for finding the prince attractive "and a gentleman, why do you ask?" She questioned.
Why was she blushing while thinking about him, Shiro thought? Before he could answer her his arm started to glow again.
Pidge eyes widening as Shiro's arm went into attack mode, "Shiro your arm," Pidge warned starting to really worry what was causing these reactions.
Shiro's eyes widened as well, taking some breathes to calm himself down and take back control of his arm. "Did you notice anything wrong with the rest of me," Shiro asked.
"You seem to tense up..." Pidge replied hesitating for a moment "and I'm not sure, but I think the whites of your eyes started to... turn yellow.”
Shiro’s eyes widen, remembering the evil version of himself Haggar had turned into during their fight. He had thought it was just an illusion, but had he really been fighting himself?
"Shiro are you alright?" Keith asked his friend approaching them, he had been standing watch, still not fully trusting this place, and didn't want to be caught off guard.
“Guys, I don’t’ think there’s anything wrong with my arm,” Shiro spoke, “I think there’s something wrong with me…”
Pidge and Keith shared a worried look, "Shiro what makes you think that?" Pidge asked.
Shiro wasn’t sure how to tell them he thought his evil side was taking over, if that’s even what was going on. “I…I don’t know, it’s just a feeling,” he responded.
"It might be best if we get you back to the castle as soon as possible," Pidge said worried, "Keith can you go with Shiro back to the castle while I talk to Buteo?" Pidge asked.
Keith nodded, neither noticing Shiro’s discomfort at the mention of Buteo. He led Shiro back to the castle, really worried about his friend.
Pidge going back to the dining room approaching Buteo "I'm sorry Buteo, but I'm going to need to head back to our ship to properly look at Shiro's arm," Pidge explained, hoping she wasn't being too rude in doing this.
“Is it really that bad,” Lance asked, starting to look worried.
“I understand Lady Pidge,” Buteo said, “You need to look after you leader.”
"It just looks like bad glitches, but considering Shiro's arm is technically a weapon it's best to fix it now" Pidge replied to Lance, not sure if it's best to reveal Shiro's theory in front of the prince.
"Thanks for your understanding," Pidge said with a smile, pausing for a moment remembering to Buteo a quick thank you bow before heading back to the castle to see Shiro.
Allura was disappointed had to leave, but was worried about Shiro as well. Pidge had the best chance of finding out what was wrong since their healing pods didn’t work on machinery.
“Let me know if there’s anything we can do to help,” Buteo offered.
"Thank you Buteo, I may need to take you up on that offer," Pidge said with a grateful smile, before leaving the room, wanting to check up on Shiro as soon as possible.
Buteo watched as she leaved, upset their breakfast was cut short, but thought they could meet up again for dinner.
Pidge quickly finding Keith and Shiro near the entrance inside the castle "Okay, let’s get you into my lab and get a good look at your arm," Pidge said grabbing Shiro's flesh arm and leading him to the lab.
Shiro followed her, glad that she didn’t seem scared to touch him. He didn’t want her to be afraid around him.
"Okay sit over there and stretch your arm out while I grab some tools" pidge said as she looked around for what she needed.
Shiro wondered if he should tell her about what he saw with his fight with Haggar, through for all he knew it was just an illusion to mess with him, so what if it didn’t mean anything. Should he at least explain how he felt?
Pidge brought over a few tools starting with a hand-held scanner running it over his arm with it, "Hmm the energy in your arm are higher than usual" Pidge said "But other than that everything else seems to be working all right. "
“Maybe it has something to do with the planet,” Shiro guessed. He knew it probably wasn’t the reason, but he wanted an excuse to leave the planet sooner.
"Maybe but I doubt it" pidge hummed looking over the readings "though since we're here it might be best if we use their tech to figure this out" pidge suggested getting a questioning look from both Keith and Shiro "what I'm saying is that advance aa the castle is it's still technically ten thousand years old Buteo and his people might have better scanners and equipment than us," she explained.
Shiro didn't like the idea of having to go to Buteo for help, but told himself not to think like that. Buteo's done nothing to wrong him. Through Hunk was right about not trusting Rolo and Nyma, so maybe he wasn't too out of place.
Pidge gently put a hand on Shiro's metal arm, "Don't worry Shiro, we'll just use their gear to figure this out, only me and Hunk will look over your arm, we'll make sure none of the engineers or doctors will come near your arm," Pidge promised, seeing Shiro tensing.
“Thanks Pidge,” Shiro said with a small smile, even if that wasn’t what he was tense about. But at least he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else looking at his arm.
"I'll do a few more test, and if I still can't find the source of the issue I'll ask Buteo to let us use his tech, he's already offered so it shouldn't be a problem" Pidge assured.
Shiro still wasn’t sure about Buteo, through the only think he did he didn’t like was his flirting with Pidge. He wondered if Pidge was even aware Buteo liked her? His flirting wasn’t as obvious as Lance.
"I think we should avoid asking Buteo for any favors if we can help it," Keith huffed
"Why? Buteo's been very nice and his people have been helping us," Pidge defended
"So far, yeah. But what if they start expecting us to owe them favors or something like that," Keith replied back.
“Keith brings up a good point,” Shiro said, wondering why he didn’t think of it, “We don’t need anything keeping us here longer than we have to. We’ve already been here too long.”
"But this is the first planet we've been too with more advance technology then the castle we don't know the next time we'll stumble upon a free planet like this one, and what if your arm gets worse," Pidge said worried.
Shiro didn’t want to stay, but the way Pidge looked at him made it hard to stay no, sighing in defeat, “Fine, we’ll use their tech to look for any problems.”
"Great," Pidge replied with a cheerful smile clapping her hands together, "We might even learn something new about your arm. "
Keith giving Shiro a questioning look thinking his friend gave in a little too easily.
Shiro knew Pidge was excited about exploring new technology and didn’t want to ruin her fun. What could it hurt?
"Alright but first hold still while I do a few more test" she said grabbing a few thin tools to slip between the plates of his arm.
Shiro was glad to spend this time with Pidge, but his mind was filled with doubt and worry. What if he hurt her? What if he lost control of his arm during a fight?
"Did that hurt?" Pidge questioned her piers having slide between the plates in his arm.
“No, didn’t even notice,” Shiro said, his mind somewhere else, but not wanting her to worry.
"Then what were you thinking about?  You kind of tensed up a moment ago." Pidge replied looking up at him.
“I’m just worried I may lose control of my arm and it may keep me from fighting,” Shiro said, his arm being his weapon.
"I won't let it get that far," Pidge promised, a determined look shining in her eyes.
“Thanks Katie, I knew I could count on you,” Shiro said giving her a smile, glad she was with him.
Pidge quickly looked back down at Shiro's arm trying to hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks "No... no problem, tech is kind of my thing after all," she replied going back to her examination.
Shiro was happy he could make Pidge blush like that, Keith watching in the corner, curious why Pidge was blushing and why it seemed to make Shiro’s eyes light up.
"Just tell me if any of this hurt or makes you feel uncomfortable," Pidge told Shiro glancing at the scanners screen to see what she was doing under his arm plates.
“You okay there Keith,” Shiro asked, noticing his friend looking at them like he was waiting for something to happen.
"It's nothing," Keith assured not sure how to explain to Shiro why he was watching them or what he was waiting to happen.  "Just trying to wrap my head around what Pidge is doing" Keith which was partly true.
Shiro had known Keith long enough to know when he wasn’t being completely honest, but decided not to push it, giving his attention to Pidge.
"I'll go make sure everything’s going all right at breakfast" Keith said excusing himself from the room before Shiro decided to try and pry.
“Is everything alright with Shiro,” Hunk questioned when Keith came in, worried there was bad news.
"Shiro's fine right now, Pidge is currently trying to figure out the cause of his arm activations." Keith explained.
“I wished we knew more about how Shiro’s arm worked so we’d be able to locate the problem,” Hunk said, only knowing the basics of the mechanical arm.
"Yeah, I know even Pidge is worried about messing too much with the unknown tech" Keith mentioned having talked to her about Shiro’s arm before.
They were worried about what Shiro would do if he lost his arm, since it’s what he used for a weapon.
Both Pidge and Hunk would hate themselves if they were the cause of Shiro losing his arm... again.
Lance tried to lighten the mood, “I’m sure Shiro has gone through worse. Whatever the problem is we can find a way to fix it.”
"Yeah, I'm sure it's something we can figure out," Hunk agreed.
Lance was glad Hunk seemed in a better mood but Keith didn’t look so sure. Keith knew Shiro could take on any enemy, but he was worried this may be one he wouldn’t be willing to face.
Pidge tried to sneak to her room once she got back inside the castle, but was caught by Allura who looked excited. "Pidge! How did it go?!"

"Umm..fine, I guess," Pidge shrugged, "I got to see the inside of one of their ships and saw some robots, which were pretty strong despite having a small frame."

"What about Prince Buteo," Allura pressed.

"I don't know, I couldn't tell if he was having fun or not," Pidge told her. "He's probably use to seeing all that stuff."

Allura couldn't help but feel disappointed even through she knew Buteo wouldn't do anything.

"By the way, is it true the ore they mine here was used for the metal to make Voltron," Pidge questioned, remembering what Buteo told her.

"I believe it was used for the exoskeleton's for the lions," Allura informed Pidge, "Their metal is some of the strongest in the universe."

"Pidge, you're back," Lance acknowledged walking up to them, "How was your date?"

The green paladin blushed, "It wasn't a date, he just showed me around," she insisted.

"Don't let him get to you Pidge," Shiro announced, "He's just jealous that he wasn't allowed to leave the castle.

Pidge snickered at that, "What did he do?"

"Nothing," Lance said defensively, "It was Keith's fault since he thought we should spy on you! Then suddenly none of us were allowed to leave!"

"I didn't want any of you to ruin Pidge's time with Prince Buteo," Allura declared.

Shiro knew it was kind of his fault, since Keith only didn't trust the prince because he thought he didn't trust the prince. "It's not a big deal Lance, maybe you can explore the next planet we stop at."

"Yeah, but it probably won't have hot angel babes," Lance muttered, wishing he had a chance to talk to some of the Accipitridaen women.

Shiro gave Lance a disapproving look before looking at Pidge, "Are you hungry," he asked, knowing she had breakfast with Buteo but not sure if she ate since then.

"Yeah, but I have some fruit with me," Pidge told him, showing her bag, "I'm going to work on some coding before going to bed."

"And by that you mean you're going to work all night until you pass out," Shiro lightly teased, use to finding her sleeping in random places instead of her room.

Pidge blushed at that, "I'll do the work in my room this time," she said heading to her room. She wished she didn't keep falling asleep at random places since it probably made Shiro view her as a little kid. Through with their height difference he might already see her as one. Pidge's height had never really bothered her as Katie, and no one mentioned it when she became Pidge. But her short arms were often a problem.

She sighed and munched on some fruit, keeping her laptop at a safe but reachable distance so she wouldn't get juice on it. There was no reason to doubt herself, she has proven herself in battle, she shouldn't feel bad just because of a silly crush.


Shiro woke up in a good mood that morning. He was glad they were finally heading back into space. The black paladin kept telling himself that it wasn't safe for them to stay in one spot for too long. But a dark voice in the back of his head told him he just didn't want the prince spending anymore time with Katie.

He went to the control room to see when they would be taking off, only to find the concerned faces of Allura and Coran. "What's wrong?"

"The suppressors," Coran complained with a whine, "They must have taken more damage than we originally thought. Seems like we're stuck here for another day."

"A whole day," Shiro groaned, shoulders slumping.

"I know you don't like the idea of staying put for too long but we need to make sure everything is working before we can take off," Allura said.

"You're right," Shiro sighed. Maybe the prince wouldn't even come by. He was a prince, Buteo was probably busy.

"Good morning," Lance greeted, his face shiny from his face mask.

"Wow, you're up early," Shiro chuckled, " You're even in your armor, what's the occasion?"

"I just thought I could take a quick look around before we had to leave," Lance smiled, meaning he was going to try to find some girls to hit on. He was hoping being a paladin of Voltron would impress them.

"You'll get to do more than a quick look around, we're stuck for another day," Shiro informed him.

"Sweet, now I've got all day to flirt," Lance gleamed.

"You should take Hunk or Keith with you to keep yourself out of trouble," Shiro suggested, worried that Lance might offend someone and end up hurt or in prison. Possibly both.

"But they'll totally throw off my game," Lance whined.

Shiro sighed, wishing Lance wouldn't have such a one track mind.

"Princess, there appears to be someone at the gates," Coran said, pulling up a screen that showed a messenger knocking at the door of the castle, "Please state your business," Coran spoke through the speakers.

"Prince Buteo would like to invite Lady Pidge and her friends to breakfast," the messenger spoke.

Allura was a bit annoyed to just be known as Pidge's friend, since she was a princess, but tried not to let it bother her, "Thank you, we will take you up on his invite."

"Very good, I will wait till you are ready to escort you to the palace," the messenger said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea," Shiro spoke up, "We should probably focus on fixing the suppressors."

"It won't hurt to take Prince Buteo up on his invite, it's rude," Allura responded, "An hour won't make a difference."

Shiro sighed, knowing how stubborn Allura could be and knew she wouldn't drop it, "Alright."

"Good, now wake Keith and Hunk up while I go get Pidge ready," Allura said, only for Shiro to stop her.

"You don't need to dress Pidge up, just let her wear what she's comfortable in," Shiro told Allura, "Unless breakfasts are formal as dinners."

Allura pouted but promised to not force Pidge into a dress if she didn't want to wear one. Soon they were all gathered up, wearing their usual clothes, through Coran had to argue with Keith about taking his knife with him. Shiro finally convinced him to leave the knife since they made the messenger wait long enough.

The messenger was a lovely young lady so Lance wasted no time rushing to her side and laying on the charm. The messenger girl either didn't understand what he was trying to say or just ignored them, leading them all to the castle. Buteo was outside waiting for them, which Shiro thought was weird but thought maybe it was custom to meet visitors outside.

"Good morning Lady Pidge," Buteo greeted, flashing her a charming smile and taking her hand, "Let me escort you to the dining hall."

Shiro really hoped it would just be breakfast, noticing how the prince rubbed circles on her hand with his thumb. Pidge thought it was a little strange but wasn't sure if it was normal or not for them so she didn't pull her hand away. She didn't want to seem rude.

Lance kept trying to flirt with the messenger girl, who just flew off without a word since her job was done. "See you around," Lance called out, hoping to get her attention before turning his to Hunk, "Think I came on too strong?"

Once again Pidge was seated next to Buteo, who pretty much ignored the rest of them in favor of Pidge. As excited as Allura had been to see that Buteo liked Pidge, she couldn't help but be annoyed that she wasn't getting the royal treatment. Not that she needed it, but she would appreciate it at least being offered.

Keith ate his food cautiously while staring suspicious at the prince. He was worried Buteo might be plotting against them, but what reason would he have to focus all his attention on Pidge? He just seemed so fascinated by Pidge, looking at her fondly as she ate and wiped juice off with her sleeve.

Shiro couldn't help but notice the way Buteo looked at Pidge, feeling a little angry. What right did he have to look at her like that? He barely knew Pidge and didn't even know her real name!

'Don't you wish you could wipe that look off his face?'

The black paladin almost jumped, looking around to see who said that but found everyone acting normal. He then realized the voice was his. Shiro tried to relax, gasping when he saw that his metal hand was glowing, like it was ready to attack.

"Shiro, what's wrong," Keith questioned, having heard him gasp, then saw his hand.

"I'm sorry, I got to go," Shiro said, getting up and leaving without any explanation. Once he was outside the castle he leaned against the wall, breathing heavily to try and calm down, sighing in relief when his hand stopped glowing. Something was wrong with him.

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