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Chaotic Bio: Riah
Riah is a man of few words and a lot of secrets. He keeps to himself mostly, only hanging out with his close friends Shiva and Juju. He is extremely protective of Shiva, always wanting to make sure she is safe. Riah is often called tsundere by Juju, which ends in a fight. Riah doesn't have a favorite tribe and thinks the argument between which is better is pointless. Is thinking is 'if the creature is strong, who cares where they're from?'  He comes off as a rude jerk, but...yeah, he's a rude jerk.
Riah only started playing Chaotic cause it was the only card game that was fun and could do online so he didn't have to really interact with other people. So he was rather annoyed when he got his code to Chaotic, but sticks around for Shiva and Juju. He's sarcastic and a bit of a smartass, even to creatures. Luckily Riah can do parkour which comes in handy when he needs to run.

(I do not own Chaotic and please read my fanfiction "Redefined Chaos.")
Chaotic Bio: Juju
Juju is a bit of a wild card, relying on instinct and luck to win battles. She's nice and energetic, through she often teases Tom and Kaz about their man crushes on Maxxor and Chaor. Despite being a Mipedian player, she's loud which causes her problems during fights. She loves to sleep and eat but still manages to have a lot of energy.
She's best friends with Shiva and Riah, through she fights a lot with Riah. She's not so bright, being the act first ask questions never kind of person. She's also much stronger than she looks.

(I don't own Chaotic. Please read my story "Redefined Chaos")

Base by Heartfelt-Dreamer
Major T, I can’t believe you got in a tie,” Peyton shouted when he saw Tom, running up to him.

“I can’t believe it either,” Tom said, “We’re going to have a rematch sometime, but I guess it isn’t going to count as a loss or win.”

“Still, it was a great match,” Sarah exclaimed, “It was so exciting to watch! That Youkai is a great player… I can’t believe he’s not more popular around Chaotic.” She pondered out loud.

“Probably because he never goes to his matches,” Kaz sneered, “He didn’t even give an excuse why he was late!”

“Or apologize,” Tom added folding his arms in irritation. Who did that guy think he was? He was going to show him a thing or two when they had their rematch.

“While we are speaking of awesome things, I got something to show you. Bam!” Peyton shouted, showing his friends the new battlegear he scanned, looking very proud of himself.

The group gathered around, gasping and awing in amazement. “That’s amazing Peyton! Where did you scan it?” Tom questioned.

“Got it in Mipedian territory,” Peyton said, “You should have seen it in action! It was like…boosh! BOOM!”

“We’ve got to get a scan of it Kaz,” Tom began, “It would give us an extra edge! Especially when I have my rematch with that jerk.”

“Slight problem,” Peyton interrupted, “We got noticed by the Mipedians so they probably doubled security.”

“We? Who’s we,” Sarah questioned.

“Oh, I met this cute girl and we scanned it together,” Peyton smiled. “She totally saved me too. I should have gotten her contact information.” He wistfully sighed.

Sarah rolled her eyes about the cute girl comment, standing up, “I’m going to try and scan it. You guys coming or what?”

“Yeah! You know it,” Tom and Kaz cheered.

“And I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have more than one scan of such an awesome battlegear,” Peyton grinned getting up as well.

The four got out their scanners and ported themselves to Perim, near the Mipedian oasis.

They searched around for the battlegear, only to find that they had moved it.

“It won’t be hard to find, the thing was giant,” Peyton assured them as they sneaked around, “it’s going to be no problem.”

“We’ll get caught before we find it,” Kaz hissed, “We should just forget about the battlegear and leave before someone spots us.”

“Don’t be such a wimp, Kaz” Sarah said annoyed, “You can leave if you want, but I’m getting a scan.”

Kaz groaned and followed his friends, keeping an eye out for any trouble.

“Let’s see. If I was an awesomely awesome battlegear, where would I be,” Peyton pondered out loud, knowing the cannon like battlegear would be too big to fit in the vault where Mudeenu kept his best stuff.

“Maybe it’s where they keep their vehicles,” Tom suggested.

“Good thinking Major T,” Peyton whispered, leading them to the parking area. When they got there they saw heavy armed guards standing by the entrance.

“Great, how are we supposed to get in there,” Kaz complained, flinching as everyone else shushed him.

“There’s more than one way in,” Peyton whispered, “We just need to climb in the windows on the side.” The big teen pointing in the general direction of said windows.

They quietly made their way over, luckily not running into any guards along the way. They were surprised to find that there were already some crates stacked up to be closer to the window. “Why would they stack up their crates like that?”

“Actually I did that,” a cheerful feminine voice said which Peyton instantly recognized.

“Juju, what are you doing here,” Peyton asked excitedly, not expecting to see her again so soon.

“How were you able to stack up the crates,” Sarah questioned, a little suspicions of the new girl’s methods.

“Not important,” Juju waved her off, much to Sarah’s annoyance, “Just trying to help my friend get in, to scan the battlegear.”

“I’m here helping my friends get a scan, and getting another for myself,” Peyton told her.

“How were you planning on climbing up the crates,” Tom asked, the stack close to the window but no way to really climb up them.

“She’s not, I am.”

Tom gasped and growled, “It’s you?!”

Juju looked confused, “You know this guy Riah?”

The orange haired player, now named Riah, sighed, “We just had a match, the one that ended in a tie.”

“Oh right,” Juju said, “You know what would have been awesome? If you had a sudden death match. No mugic, no battlegear, just two creatures wailing on each other,” she grinned punching the air like she was fighting someone.

“…Okay, that would have been pretty awesome,” Peyton agreed, seeming excited.

“Come on Juju, I want to get the scan,” Riah said, backing away from them a bit.
Juju nodded and cupped her hands, going to give Riah a boost. Riah ran and jumped, Juju lifting him in the air, him landing on the top of the crates, then quickly going in through the window.

The four stared in shock, not thinking that would work and a little impressed that it did.

“Wow, that guy has skills outside of the drome too,” Sarah said impressed.

“It wasn’t that impressive,” Tom pouted, crossing his arms, “I could do that.”

“I’m ready if you are,” Juju grinned, cupping her hands again.

“Yeah Major T, put your money where your mouth is,” Peyton teased, patting his raven hair friend, not thinking he would do it.

Quickly giving into peer pressure Tom backed away to get a running start. He ran towards Juju, jumping and getting a foot on her hand and she lifted him up. Tom was surprised to at the amount of strength that was in the boost. He was unable to get to the top of the crates but was able to grab on to the edge.

“Pretty close, want to try again,” Juju asked.

“I got it,” Tom grunted, struggling to get up but managed to get on top.

“Come on, you’re almost there, Tom,” Kaz encouraged.

Tom had to jump to get to the window and had to crawl in, landing on his butt with a hard thud.

“Quiet, are you trying to get caught,” Riah whispered, scanning the battlegear.

The Overworld player glared at the tall teen with clenched teeth, getting up and rubbing his sore bottom. He got out his scanner and scanned the machine. Tom thought it was unlucky that Riah got a scan of the battlegear he was hoping would give him the upper hand in their rematch.

“So anyone else want to give it a go,” Juju questioned looking at the others.

“We’re good,” Sarah and Kaz replied, putting their hands up.

“I’ll give it a try,” Peyton said excitedly, making a run for Juju. But as he got closer he chickened out, coming to a screeching halt only to fall on top of Juju. “Gah,” he cried out, getting off Juju quickly. “Sorry!”

“It’s cool man,” Juju said, picking herself up.

Riah was in middle of scanning the battlegear a second time when he noticed the look on Tom’s face, “You got a problem with me?”

“Now that you brought it up, you have been kind of rude,” Tom muttered, glancing down at his scanner to check his progress, before looking back at Riah.

The orange haired boy just hmm in response, not really caring, just glad that it didn’t seem personal.

Tom let out a long frustrated noise, seems like being rude was just part of this guy’s personality, he was one step up from tom two... which wasn't say much but at least this guy didn't seem to but on a façade in front of others.

“He’s probably got the scan by now so I’m gonna head back,” Juju commented, pulling out her scanner.

"Wait, how are they supposed to get back down from up?" Sarah asked, it wasn't massively high but if either jumped down wrong from that height they could really mess up their ankles or worst.

“…Can’t they just port out,” Juju questioned, waving her scanner.

Sarah looked a little disgruntled with that answer.

"Ah, don't mind Sarah, she's always trying to prepare for anything going wrong" Peyton said, ‘unless it was just her then she would just charge into it,’ Peyton mentally thought.

Once the scanning was done Riah ported out without a word to Tom.

Tom sighed, opening communications to Kaz, his friend quickly answering the call when his scanner buzzed "Hey guys, I got the scan, want me to try and find a way for you guys to get in, or should I just port out and meet you guys back at chaotic?" Tom asked his friends through his scanner.

“Help us get in,” Sarah spoke up, wanting to scan the battlegear.

“I would help you guys, but I’m getting hungry, so later,” Juju waved, porting back to Chaotic.

Sarah didn't pay much mind, though Peyton looked a little disappointed "I forgot to ask for her contact info," he moaned sadly.

Sarah and Kaz ignoring him.

"Alright I try to find some rope or something I'll get back to you" Tom said leaving his communications on, as he put his scanner back in his pocket.

Juju met up with Riah once she ported back to chaotic, “Well, they seemed like fun. I hope we see them again.”

“If not, our lives will go on,” Riah said dryly, not really wanting to meet new people.

“Let’s see if Shiva is back so we can give her the scan of the cannon,” Juju responded, going to look for her friend, Riah following behind her.
Redfined Chaos Chapter 2
Hope you enjoy. Shiva will be introduced in the next chapter.

I don't own Chaotic.
Chaotic Bio: Shiva
Shiva is a very kind, intelligent, caring and polite person. So it comes to a surprise to many that her favorite tribe is the Underworld. She doesn't believe they're bad, just rough. Shiva treats creatures and players with respect, no matter which tribe they are or like to play as, not believing any tribe is better than the other.
Shiva is short, often being mistaken being younger than she is, being 15. So you can imagine the shock some people go through once they learn she's actually in college. She majors in engineering and robotics, hence the screen name, The Engineer. Some think she's a push over due to her kind nature and appearance, but underestimating her in the drome would be a mistake. She can often be found helping out Khybon or Ulmar.
She likes cute things like clothes, enjoying pink and pastel colors.

(I do not own Chaotic and please read my fic, "Redefined Chaos"
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