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Once dinner was over it had gotten late, so Buteo insisted on walking Pidge back to the castle of lions, much to Shiro's annoyance, but kept his mouth shut.

"Um...thanks for walking me back," Pidge said, a little confused as to why, wondering if it was dangerous at night.

"It was no trouble at all," Buteo smiled handsomely, "Would you care to join me for breakfast in the morning before I show you around our labs and workshops?"

"Sure, I guess," Pidge replied a little unsurely. It was just breakfast, it didn't mean anything.

"Great! I'll pick you up in the morning," Buteo grinned, giving her a bow before flying up and back to the palace.

'Here it comes,' Pidge thought when she saw Hunk and Lance smiling.

"Looks like someone's got a boyfriend," Lance sang.

"And a prince too, aren't you lucky," Hunk teased.

"Guys, knock it off," Shiro ordered, not wanting to hear it.

"Oooh, this is so exciting," Allura squealed, "Come on Pidge, we better find something nice for you to wear tomorrow!"

"What? Why," Pidge questioned, "What's wrong with what I normally wear?"

"Don't you want to look nice for your boyfriend on your date," Lance teased, shutting up when he got a look from Shiro.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to have Pidge hang out with this guy alone," Keith asked, still not trusting him.

"Of course, Prince Buteo wouldn't try anything, especially with someone he just met," Allura insisted, misunderstanding what he meant.

"What's that have to do with anything," Keith wondered, earning a startled gasp from Allura.

"Well! I don't know how things work on Earth but I can assure you that the Accipitridae are gentlemen," she huffed.

While the two of them argued, Pidge slipped inside the castle quietly so Allura wouldn't notice. She did not want to be up all night being forced to try on outfits.

When morning came around, the green paladin sneaked through the castle, trying to avoid getting caught by Allura, worried she might try forcing her into another dress. She didn't mind dresses, but if she was going to be walking around she'd rather wear shorts.

Once she saw that Allura was no where to be seen, she dashed down he hall only to end up bumping into Shiro. The black paladin was unaffected but the impact caused Pidge to land on her bottom.

"I'm so sorry Pidge, are you alright," Shiro asked, offering her a hand to help her up.

Pidge blushed and took his hand, "Ye...yeah, I'm fine. I was just trying to leave without getting spotted by Allura.

Shiro gave her a fond smile, "Worried about being put in another dress," he asked, laughing when she nodded, "Go ahead, I'll distract Allura if I see her."

"Thanks Shiro," Pidge smiled before running off again.

Shiro didn't like the idea of Pidge spending time alone with the prince. But Buteo was nice, so he probably wouldn't try anything, and Pidge was just interested in the technology. They were going to end up leaving tomorrow at the latest, so there was nothing to worry about. And, while he felt bad for thinking it, he was kind of hoping seeing Pidge out of a dress would make the prince lose interest, not that Pidge didn't look cute in her normal clothes.

Pidge got outside, only having to wait a few minutes before Buteo showed up. "Good morning Lady Pidge," he greeted as he landed, giving her his usual charming smile, not seeming to mind at all that she wasn't wearing a dress, "Are you ready for today?"

"You bet I am," Pidge said excitedly, eager to see their robots and machines.

Buteo took Pidge by the hand, leading her to the palace and taking her to the dining hall where an impressive spread of food was laid out for them. She had forgotten that they were going to have breakfast first, but didn't mind since she was feeling kind of hungry. She stuck to eating fruit, since she didn't know what kind of creature the meat came from. The fruit was good, hoping they would take some when they left the planet, sneaking some of the fruit into her bag.

Pidge was surprised at how much the prince could eat, but quickly assumed that the Accipitridae had a higher metabolism than humans. Once she was done she waited for Buteo to finish, not wanting to seem rude by asking him to hurry up. Luckily he seemed to have noticed she was done and quickly finished eating.

"Ready to go," he questioned with a smile.

"Yep," Pidge said standing up, eager to start looking around.

Buteo offered her his hand again which she took, thinking he just didn't want her to fall behind. Despite his big hands, he held on to hers like they were made of glass.

There first stop was at a factory type building where they seemed to build and repair their ships. The Accipitridae in the room stopped what they were doing to bow to their prince before returning to work. Buteo had made sure to ask to have their best work on display to impress Pidge. "What do you think?"

"It's amazing," Pidge looked around. Their air force ships seemed much more impressive than Earth's. And while it was no flying castle she still found herself in awe. "Is it okay for me to see the inside of one of the ships?"

At first Buteo didn't seem so sure, but quickly caved at seeing Pidge's pleading look.

"Try not to break anything," the engineer who was working on the ship implored, worried about the outsider ruining their work.

"I won't," Pidge assured them climbing in. She wondered if she would be pushing her luck if she asked if she could fly it. The ship was nice, through it felt different from being in her green lion. Maybe it was because of the bond.

She kind of wished Hunk was here, knowing he would have enjoyed it too. Maybe help convince everyone it wasn't a date. Pidge wasn't sure why Allura wanted to set her up with the prince. Sure, he was handsome and nice, but she wanted to focus on finding her family. Not to mention saving the universe. Through that didn't stop her from pining over Shiro.

Pidge could only imagine what Allura would do if she found out about her crush on Shiro. The princess seemed to enjoy playing match maker.

After spending a few hours in the factory they went to see what Pidge was looking forward to the most. Robots.

Buteo took her to some caves, where their robots were mining for some kind of ore. Being creatures of the sky the Accipitridae didn't care much for being underground, so they created robots to do the mining for them. The robots had a slim build but were easily able to carry heavy objects. Pidge looked over the robots in excitement.

"You really like machines don't you," Buteo said fondly.

"Yeah, I've always found it easier to talk to robots and machines over people," Pidge commented, not realizing what it sounded like. She noticed one of the robots was walking a little funny and had wires sticking out of the back of it's neck, going over to it. "Mind leaning down," she asked the robot, who did so.

It only took her a minute, fixing the wiring on the robots neck, who nodded in thanks before going back to work.

"I'm impressed that you figured it out so quickly," Buteo acknowledged, amazed she could pick it up so fast.

"Oh, that was nothing," Pidge waved off, having converted enemy robots to work for her. "So what is it that you're mining for?"

"Accipitri ore," he responded. "It is a strong metal that is used for our weapons and ships. The robots are made out of the same type of ore. It is even said to have been used for parts building Voltron."

"Really? I'll have to ask Coran and Allura about it," Pidge figured they would know.

Prince Buteo was a little upset that his attempt to impress her didn't seem to be working. Pidge seemed more interested in robots than him, but he didn't let it ruffle his feathers. Buteo did his best to buy more time with her, showing her another area where robots mined for crystals.

"Those are Accipitri crystals, they are our main power source, through we have been looking for other sources, should the mines run dry," Buteo informed her. "Luckily it does not take much to power our machines and they last for a long time."

Pidge seemed impressed by that and looked the crystals over, wondering if she could keep one to study. She then started to ramble on about Balmera and it's crystals.

"Wow, is it getting that late already," Pidge questioned as she looked at the sky, noticing it was starting to get dark. "I should probably start heading back so the others don't worry."

"If you would like, I can give you a ride," Buteo offered.

"Sure, that would be great," Pidge answered, not really feeling like walking all the way back. She looked around, "But I don't see any of your ships here."

Buteo chuckled, swooping Pidge up in his arms and flying off. The small teen cried out, wrapping her arms around Buteo's neck to keep from falling. "Sorry for not giving you more warning."

"'s fine," Pidge shuttered, not wanting him to think she was scared, but did her best not to look down. She tried to enjoy the feeling of flying with the wind blowing in her face, happy bugs weren't hitting her in the face. Pidge quickly relaxed and before she knew it they landed in front off the castle. "Thanks Prince Buteo, I had a lot of fun today. Thanks for showing me around," she bowed.

"It was no trouble at all Lady Pidge," Buteo smiled.

"Maybe if we come back we can hang out again," Pidge offered. She wasn't interested in dating, but that didn't mean she couldn't make a new friend. Pidge didn't notice his smile falter at the 'if' part. "Goodbye Prince Buteo," she bowed one more time before heading back inside.

The prince looked the ship over, a plan quickly forming in his head.
Shiro's breath was taken away when he saw Pidge in the dress. She had a beautiful and innocent look about her. The blue suited her nicely, through he thought Allura would have picked out a green dress so they could all match their lions. He could tell she was a little uncomfortable in the dress, but he wanted to shower her freckled shoulders with kisses.

The black paladin quickly shook those thoughts away. He shouldn't be thinking about Pidge like that. It wasn't that that she was younger and the age difference wasn't that big, he just felt guilty. That was his commander's daughter and his friends sister. He told himself the feeling would go away in time. Sure, Katie was cute, smart, funny and his heart sped up whenever she smiled a him, whether it be one of her cute cocky smirks or happy grins.

Okay, thinking stuff like that was not helping.

He considered trying to avoid her for a while, but it was hard to do when they lived in the same castle, despite it's size. Shiro was also worried about Pidge thinking she did something wrong.

Shiro tried to focus on something else, like how uncomfortable the suits they were forced to wear are. Or how they always happened to have clothes that fit all of them despite them all being different body types.

They all walked to the Accipitridae palace, uneventful except for having to keep Keith and Lance from starting a fight. Shiro hoped the dinner wouldn't take too long, since he wasn't really one for social gatherings. The damage on the castle ship wasn't too bad, mainly stopping for more supplies, which shouldn't take up too much of their time.

When they arrived at the palace, Prince Buteo flying down to introduce himself and greet them. He seemed like a nice guy, having shown them respect once Allura proved she was indeed the princess of Altea. Shiro didn't blame him or his people for the not so warm welcome since it was hard to trust in times of war. He thought the dinner was going to go fine until...

"And who is this lovely young woman?"

It wasn't the comment itself that was shocking as much as who it was directed to. Pidge seemed as surprised as the rest of them, if not a little offended by everyone else's shock. Buteo led Pidge into the palace while the rest followed, Shiro giving him a glare.

'Stop that,' Shiro mentally ordered himself. Pidge wasn't his, he shouldn't be getting jealous. After the dinner Pidge would probably never see Buteo again so there was nothing to worry about.


Pidge was seated next to the prince when they got to the dining hall, ignoring Hunk and Lance's teasing grins. She was so going to get teased about this later, through she probably had it coming from teasing Hunk about Shay. She grabbed a red pear shaped fruit, Coran said the fruit would be safe for them to eat, taking a bite and was surprised to find it had the texture of an orange, through she wasn't sure how to describe the taste. Maybe a mix between mangos and cherries? Either way it was different from the green space goo they normally ate so she finished it off, wiping the juices off with her arm out of habit. She wondered if they had anything that tasted like peanut butter. She really missed peanut butter.

"Would you mind telling me about yourself Pidge," Buteo asked, smiling at her.

Pidge thought for a moment, "Well..."

"She's very gifted with technology," Allura cut in before Pidge could say anything awkward, "She has a way with it, even if it's something she's never seen before! Pidge is truly brilliant! No one would be better suited to pilot the green lion."

Everyone blinked in surprised, not use to Allura praising any of them so highly.

"Not to mention when the castle of lions was under attack by two Galra commanders, she fought them off all on her own."

"I didn't do it on my own," Pidge reminded, "The mice did a lot of the work."

"And I emerged from a coma to shoot one and saved Pidge," Lance argued, still feeling like he didn't get enough credit for that.

"If you're interested in technology I could show you around the labs where we build our ships," Buteo offered.

"Really?! That would be great," Pidge joyfully replied, face lighting up in excitement, "Do you have any robots?"

"Ones that are used for manual labor," Buteo explained, "Do you wish to see where they are built and repaired?"

"I would love to! ...If it's not too much trouble," Pidge added when she noticed the look Coran was giving her, thinking she was being rude.

"It's no trouble at all Pidge," Buteo smiled handsomely, making Pidge blush a bit.

Shiro chomped angrily on a piece of fruit as he watched them, telling himself over and over again that he wasn't jealous.

"Hey Shiro, are you alright," Keith asked, noticing how angrily he was eating and that he looked upset. "Do you not trust this prince?"

"I honestly don't know," Shiro muttered. He thought Buteo was a nice enough guy, it was childish to hate him just because he was giving Pidge some special attention. Shiro felt a kind of unease but he must be imagining it.

"I'll keep an eye on him," Keith offered, thinking he might just be using Pidge to get close to them.

"It's fine Keith," Shiro assured him, "We won't be here for very long, we'll probably leave in a day, two at the most."

Keith nodded but didn't look convinced, looking over at the prince and Pidge.

Buteo said something that made Pidge laugh, putting a weird feeling in his stomach. Shiro told himself that he shouldn't have eaten the meat, cause it certainly wasn't jealousy.
Pidge couldn't help but think Allura always wanted a younger sister or something, cause she was way too excited about getting her to play dress up. Pidge held back a groan when the princess pulled out at least a dozen dresses for her to try on. She was tempted to say she'd just wear what the boys were going to wear but Allura seemed so happy she couldn't bring herself to. Especially since it hasn't been too long since she had to destroy her father's A.I.

So she suffered through trying on all the dresses before finding one she was comfortable with.

It was a simple blue gown with butterfly sleeves that came off the shoulders and a golden trim. The dress was long, covering her feet so Pidge hoped she could get away with wearing her usual shoes. Pidge wasn't use to wearing dresses this long so she was a little worried she'd end up tripping and embarrassing herself. She was also worried about ruining the princesses dress. What if she got it dirty during dinner?

"You look lovely Pidge," Allura commented while brushing the shorter girls hair, wanting to make it look neater.

Pidge didn't argue, she did look nice, but she felt plain compared to the princess. Allura was wearing a long flowing pink dress with juniberries snitched into the fabric her hair in a half bun. She was beautiful, no doubt all eyes would be on Allura during the dinner. Hopefully Lance wouldn't annoy the princess to much.

"Oh, I almost forgot, I have some jewelry that goes with that dress," Allura said excitedly, going through her jewelry box, pulling out earring similar to hers, only blue, and a matching necklace.

"I couldn't wear your jewelry," Pidge said biting her lip. What if she broke or lost them? The jewelry was probably important and expensive. Through if it was that important the princess probably wouldn't lend them to her.

"Don't worry about it Pidge, it's only for tonight," Allura assured her, assisting her with the earrings. "Now, let's go check on the boys."

The boys all seemed uncomfortable in their fancy clothes, tugging on the collars. They had matching suits, only differences being the colors. Keith was arguing with Coran about wanting to wear his signature jacket instead of the one that matched the outfit, but Coran wouldn't hear of it.

"You can't wear that jacket, it doesn't go with the rest of your attire."

"What do you mean it doesn't go with it? My jacket is red and the suit is red! It matches fine," Keith shouted.

Shiro did his best to calm him down, "It's just for tonight Keith, the dinner might not even last that long."

"Wow princess, looking good," Lance whistled, looking her over with a dumb grin on his face. "Hope you'll save me a dance. ...Wait, will there be dancing?"

Pidge hope there wouldn't be cause she couldn't dance to save her life. She could slow dance, but anyone can slow dance, it's just swaying back in forth and not really moving. Not that she's never danced with someone before aside from her father when she was younger. And she normally just stood on his feet. Who knew how the Accipitridae even danced?

"You look nice Katie," Shiro said softly, giving her a small smile.

"Thanks," Pidge responded shyly, looking at the ground to hide her blush. Maybe she wouldn't mind dancing if it was Shiro. But she'd have to be careful no to step on his feet.

As they walked to the palace Allura kept reminding them to be on their best behavior.

"Why do you keep looking at me when you say that," Lance demanded, "...And why is everyone giving me that look?"

"Because you're always the idiot who causes problems," Keith said

"Guys, don't start a fight," Shiro said standing between them before Lance could do anything. "Let's just go, eat dinner, let Allura do all the talking, then we can head back."

Lance and Keith glared at each other then turned away with a huff, continuing to walk towards the palace.

Once they arrived a figure flew down to greet them. He was a very handsome man, his beautiful wings reminded Pidge of an angel. Only instead of fluffy white wings and a harp, he had bronze wings similar to a hawk and a sword. Pidge was curious what kind of metal it was. Did they use the same kind of metal for weapons as they did their ships?

"Greetings honored guests, Princess Allura and the paladins of Voltron. I am Prince Buteo." The prince has a robust body and was just a little taller than Shiro, golden hair that went down to his shoulders. Even Allura had a small blush on her face looking at the attractive man, despite having seen him before.

"The honor is ours, thank you so much for having us," Allura said with a gentle smile.

The prince looked them over, his eyes landing on Pidge and staying there. The green paladin fidget under his gaze, wondering if she had done something wrong or there was a problem with what she was wearing. Buteo walked towards her, Pidge tensing a bit.

"And who is this lovely young woman?"

When those words left the princes mouth everyone looked at them in shock, which Pidge couldn't help but be a little offended by. Was it really that shocking that a handsome man would think she was pretty? ...Okay, it was a little shocking, but they didn't have to show it. Then again the team would probably have the same reaction if a girl ended up liking Lance.

"My friends call me Pidge," she said, bowing like Coran showed them to do. Pidge blushed when Buteo took her hand in his, making her hands seem even smaller in his big, strong ones. Everything about him was pretty big, making Pidge feel really tiny compared to him.

"Come Pidge, let me escort you to the dining hall," Buteo said, smiling handsomely at her, leading her into the castle.

The others just shrugged and followed them, Allura seeming excited that the prince seemed to like Pidge. None of them seemed to notice the look Shiro made when Buteo took off with Pidge.
"Are you sure this planet will be safe," Shiro asked Allura who pilot the castle ship.

"The kingdom of Accipitridae has always had a peaceful alliance with Altea," Coran spoke up, "...Of course that was ten thousand years ago, so who knows how much has changed. They could have been taken over by Galra Empire right after Altea fell."

"The Accipitridae are a warrior race, they wouldn't go down so easily," Allura defended. "It's the closet planet with intelligent life that will be willing to help us. If we are lucky we can ask the current king for help fighting Zarkon, if they're not already."

"Even if the planet isn't under the rule of the Galra Empire, would the treaty still stand," Lance asked.

"We'll just have to hope so," Allura said. As they approached the planet some ships came up to them.

"Give us your identification and business," a voice over the communicator ordered.

"I am Princess Allura of the kingdom of Altea, daughter of King Alfor," she spoke with authority, "I wish to speak with your current ruler, as well as gather supplies."

"Impossible, Altea fell at the hands of the Galra Empire ten thousand years ago," the voice remarked angrily.

"Please, just let us land and I can prove I am who I say I am," Allura pleaded.

There was silence over the com link for a minute, "The prince had granted you permission to land."

"Thank you," Allura said gratefully.


"Doesn't seem like a welcome party," Lance commented looking at the control screen, noticing there were armed guards. The Accipiridae people were tall, having similar build to humans and had wings similar to a hawk. "And if they have wings, why do they have ships?"

"They need to be able to breath in space Lance," Pidge reminded, "And you can't blame them for being careful."

"Should we get our armor on incase of a fight," Keith asked as they landed.

"No, and let me do the talking. In fact, stay on the ship," Allura commanded. "I want to make a good first impression."

The four paladins groaned, not liking the idea of staying on the ship when there was a new planet to explore. They were getting tired of staying in the palace, only leaving to go fight battles. Pidge was interested in seeing what kind of technology they had on the planet, their ships seemed rather advanced.

The only ones allowed out of the ship with Allura were Coran and Shiro, just incase there was a problem.

"I'm so boooored," Lance groaned.

"It hasn't even been thirty minutes," Keith said.

"Seems longer," he muttered back.

Twenty minutes later Allura, Coran and Shiro came back in. They were smiling so the group figured it must have gone well.

"Good news, the prince has invited us to visit him at the palace and have dinner," Allura said.

"Yes! Food," Hunk cheered.

"Hopefully the food is better than that green stuff that we keep forcing down our throats," Lance gagged.

"...Why do I have a feeling this won't go very well," Allura groaned. "You all need to be on your best behavior. Which means no inappropriate sounds, stuffing your faces, complaining about the food or flirting with anyone!"

Pidge raised her hand, "Is it okay for me to ask about their tech?"

"I guess it would be alright, just be as polite as you can be about it," Allura ordered. "We don't have long before the dinner so Coran will teach you proper dinner etiquette while I see what I can find for you to wear."

"Why? What's wrong with the clothes we're wearing," Keith asked looking down at himself.

"This is an important dinner in our honor," Allura said, "I'll see what I can find for the boys, Pidge can wear one of my old dresses."

"What?! Th...that's not necessary princess," Pidge blushed.

"It's no trouble, I have one that would look lovely on you," Allura insisted, leaving the room to find a nice change of clothes for the paladins.

Pidge blushed. She didn't hate the idea of wearing a dress, she wore them all the time before she became Pidge. Dresses were pretty comfy, which was her main style. The guys hadn't treated her differently after finding out that she was a girl, through they already knew with the exception of Lance. But she couldn't help but worry that dressing like a girl would make them see her differently. Pidge looked over at Shiro, her blush growing. Would he ever be able to see her as a woman? Or was she doomed to be seen as the younger sibling?

Pidge was the same age Lance, she was just short. So it was annoying when she got treated like a little kid despite how smart she was and how often she proved herself. Lance and Hunk were the biggest problem really. Shiro treated her with respect which was part of why she liked him. To be honest she had a bit of a crush on Shiro before meeting him. She asked Matt to introduce them only to get teased, but her father had promised to introduce them after they got back.

She had kind of forgotten about her crush after getting news of her father and brother, but seeing him against stirred up some old feelings. Pidge told herself it was just a crush and it would pass. Shiro didn't have time for relationships, none of them really did. Her main concern was finding her family and helping the team defeat Zarkon.

Shiro noticed Pidge staring at him and gave her a smile. She turned her head away quickly, her heart racing.

"Alright, we don't have much time so lets get started," Coran said, "Luckily Accipitridae dining habits shouldn't be too hard to learn and you should be able to eat the food. If not, suck it up and act like you like it."

Everyone groaned. This dinner party was not going to be fun.
Black, Green and Everything in Between Ch.1
Shiro likes Pidge. Pidge likes Shiro. Sounds like it should be simple but it never is.
To make things more complicated Pidge has caught the eye of a hot alien prince who is doing whatever he can to win her affection. How will Shiro handle the competition and his jealousy?
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